ARTIST – DESIGNER – CARS DEVELOPMENT & MANUFACTURING                 A small flashback in his design, development carrier in the car field and in art

His racing career started in 1966 with the Acropolis Rally, racing with an NSU TT. It ended in 1972 at Monte Carlo Rally.
Since 1975 he is involved in car design, conversions – developments & manufacture.

1977: He establishes a car industry named SAFARI HELLAS, producing a jeep type car, called “SAFARI” using VW mechanical parts.
Previously he developed other car industries’ models like CITROEN PONY and FIAT Greece, manufacturing Hard Tops.

1985 – 1992: He designs and converts, the FIORINO FIAT, into convertibles and also manufactures various HARD TOPS.

1989 – 1992: Following the success of FIAT FIORINO Hard Tops & cabrio, he designed for Greece, with success, the conversion of POLSKI Pick Up and POLONEZ pick – up into King Cabs, the conversion of SKODA FAVORIT into a Full Cabrio and open Top and the SKODA WORKMAN pick up, into a multiple loading type Convertible.
While the same time, he designed and manufactured with success the wooden dashboards for all SKODA cars, for SKODA Greece.

1993 – 1996: More success folows in the field of Car Rental, with the design and conversion into a convertible of the FIAT Cinquecento, leaving speechless many Italians who saw the cars in the Greek islands for the first time.

He further worked on the conversions of SEAT Ibiza, MAZDA 121 the “egg” and FIAT Uno into Convertibles.
Special success met the conversion of the MINI Cooper (the old one) into a convertible, with harmonic design lines.

2004 – and on: intrigued by the technological developments and urged by his wife Stella Keraboss he tried his latest venture in car’s electronic improvements.

2011 – and on:  Pavlos Keraboss along with his wife Stella, created his latest achievement.
The manufacturing for production of the Greek car KERABOSS SUPER K.

In parallel with his car designing and development career, is also his career in painting, following his family’s tradition. His grandfather, his father, he and his son.
After this long designing career in the car’s field and other parallel business activities, he “deposits” in this website, certain distillations of these experiences of an entire long-lasting and multidimensional life path.