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“An artist’s work is the reflection of his personality”                                                                                                     Goethe

My work due to the extended use of vivid colors, has a positive effect on mood.         Most of my paintings have an abstract theme, with the exception of paintings colletction with Yachts, cars & motorcycles, that must be recognizable due to the themes.

My most recent art work, “Beautiful Days Series”, gives joy, positive energy, wellbeing, empties the mind from any unpleasent thought, giving the feeling of a fresh shower.

The imaging performance of the paintings is around 70% of that in reality, as the colours I use, have a special brightness that can not be given throught the photo camera.

Also by using Black light (UV light), the colors illuminate in the dark. Unfortunately this can not be shown through the photos. Those who have seen my paintings can understand very well what I mean.

                                                                                     Pavlos Kerabosgreece-flag11